Carob – our daily fiber

Carob has rightly been called the “black gold of Crete” as, in addition to the other benefits it has for our health, it has a very high content of fiber, necessary on a daily basis for our body.

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Carob drinks: enjoy your healthy drink!

How many times have we not thought that we consume large amounts of coffee, burdening our body with unnecessary caffeine? If there was a product that could replace our afternoon coffee, or lighten it, wouldn’t it definitely be worth a try?

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Cosmetics & Facial care from carob honey

Beauty starts with simplicity, so you do not need many things to look glamorous. Every woman has a feature on her face that makes her special. It does not have to be bold or loud. The secret is to highlight it in a natural way and stand out. Behind a red lipstick are hydrated lips and behind a black line of eyeliner is a bright and intense look.

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