Carob drinks: enjoy your healthy drink!

How many times have we not thought that we consume large amounts of coffee, burdening our body with unnecessary caffeine? If there was a product that could replace our afternoon coffee, or lighten it, wouldn’t it definitely be worth a try?

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Carob: the “black gold” of history

Carob is a tree that has its roots very deep in time. The testimonies that we have, prove to us the wide spread of the carob tree since antiquity, but also its many different uses. The carob tree comes from the East. Specifically, its homeland is Syria. However, it grows on its own and is cultivated in the countries of the Middle East and in those that surround the Mediterranean, i.e. in Greece, Central Asia, North Africa, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus. The longer the history of the carob tree, the greater the historical moments that this tree was used by people in times of famine, war or poverty.…

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Carob Milk Chocolate

Carob, the fruit of the Carob tree, is the so-called ‘chocolate of Crete’, because it has a naturally sweet and pleasant taste and can be an excellent substitute for chocolate.

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